Do you want to enhance your learning environment?

Do you want to ask questions of your audience, collate the results and provide valuable data to engage monitor and measure learning progress? What about in real-time?

Easy to use, TurningPoint’s Polling Software and keypads allow you to interact with your audience. Questions and answers can be prepared ahead of time or developed during the meeting. Facilitators display the questions on a screen for the group to see and participants can provide individual responses in real-time.

Who: Facilitators, education providers, meeting convenors

How: Easy to use and compatible with all HNELHD network computer systems with up to 100 responding keypads available.

Cost: Free

To book or learn more, contact Organisational Capability and Learning on 498 53230 or

 …such a powerful tool that allows you to instantly gather, save and print accurate data which speaks volumes. It made all the difference and transformed a generic PowerPoint presentation into an interactive learning experience where people truly felt like they had a voice and that they were being heard.

 Micah Austin, Community Development

Director City of Hailey, Idaho

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